For Look into the Eye:


“This is an exceptional debut novel, stirring, funny and eloquent. Barrett writes passionately about whales, intertwines her own experiences with those of her characters and brings a satisfactory conclusion to a story and a theme that is pertinent . . .” IRISH INDEPENDENT Read More
“An absorbing contemporary love story. Meaningful, and heartfelt.” THE IRISH EXAMINER Read more
“Touching Story of the Sea: What began as a soul-searching travel article following a visit by Barrett to the Norwegian fjords has resulted in this charming and heartfelt tale about the impact of an encounter with the ocean’s mightiest creatures on two troubled lives.” SUNDAY INDEPENDENT Read more

“Like the two main characters in this unconventional story, I’ve had the experience of looking a whale in the eye from close range, and like both of them I found it a transformational experience – something I’ve rarely seen described adequately in print and which Look into the Eye does admirably.” Brian Fitzgerald, GREENPEACE INTERNATIONAL Read more

For The Songbird’s Way:SONGBIRD-web (2)

“This is a novel with a warm, embracing feel about it. The story may seem average to start with (a young woman, trying to see her future while still unsure of her true role in life), but within a few pages, this ordinary concept becomes extra-ordinary. It takes on a new meaning and the author brings us on a multi-layered, multi-coloured journey.” WRITING.IE Read More

“There is a constant melodic feel throughout, as Barrett blends her love of music and her love of travel together. The result is a smooth mixture of different cultures and a diverse range of characters. Many of whom will linger long after the last page is turned. The writing is tranquil, even and very readable. In fact, I read the whole thing in one sitting.” BLEACH HOUSE LIBRARY

“There’s an almost lyrical quality to the writing in The Songbird’s Way, which makes it a book you can truly wind down with. It was somewhat different to anything else I would normally read, so I was surprised by how much I was drawn into the mood of the story. . . I really enjoyed the travel and traditional musical influences that are a common thread blending the three countries of England, Ireland and Zambia into the story. Even though there’s much to contribute, at no time is Chrissie’s voice rushed and the scene-setting is sublime. . . I was surprised by how much I loved Chrissie’s journey to her final destination – it was a truly memorable one.” LITTLE BOOKNESS LANE Read More

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