Below is a selection of some of the media interviews I have given and articles I have written . . .
The Green Room with – Newstalk Radio Interview [Jan 2014]

It was such a pleasure to take part in this Green Room panel discussion with fellow authors Niamh Boyce and Paul Lynch. I enjoyed chatting to presenter Orla Barry about the writing process for my debut novel Look into the Eye and about my path to publication. You can listen to the interview here (starts at 02.45 mins)

Jennifer Returns to Kerry Roots’ – The Kerryman [Oct 2014]

Irish autlogo-kerrymanhor and charity worker Jennifer Barrett is still very proud of her Kerry roots, with part of her new novel ‘The Songbird’s Way’ set on the family farm in Garfinny, outside of Dingle town. 

Although Jennifer’s parents, John and Maureen, are now living in Co Wicklow they remain in Kerry at heart, she said. “My dad was born in Cahersiveen in 1939 where my grandfather was the local bank manager at the old Munster and Leinster Bank (now AIB),” said Jennifer, whose new book ‘The Songbird’s Way’ deals with people going through a ‘Thrisis’ – a thirty-something crisis as opposed to a mid-life crisis. Read more

‘This Life’ – Irish Daily Mail ‘You’ Magazine [Dec 2014]

This Life

Recently I almost missed a call from a good friend. My phone was ‘on silent’ but I spotted the flashing light out of the corner of my eye and picked it up just in time. When I put the phone down almost an hour later I felt great: uplifted by the shared laughs, lighter from the sharing of trials and tribulations, my evening enriched by a good conversation with an old friend. I realised then how little I use the phone for chats with friends nowadays – not just a snatched few words, a comment on a Facebook photo or a quick text or email – more the good ol’ fashioned natters we used to have before mobile communications became a part of everyday life.

So if we don’t call each other any more, don’t actually speak to each other, are we really staying connected? Are we really in touch with the people we want to stay in touch with, or have we substituted quality friendships for the high quantity of social media and online ones? I decided to find out . . . 

Finding Inspiration: The Songbird’s Way – [Nov 2014]writing_ie-logo

“I wrote the book for all of those who are different or who may be struggling to fit into society’s view of what’s conventional. The story is inspired by the writing of Joseph Campbell who encouraged people to ‘follow your bliss’ and by Victor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning. It is the story of a girl who has had quite an unconventional upbringing, then as she enters her thirties she struggles to go against her natural instincts and interests to please those around her. My experience from my work in international development helped me to write Red’s story in the missionary school in Zambia, and my Anglo-Irish roots were the background to Chrissie’s story which moves from the traditional music scene in Dingle to a mystical forest in deepest rural Kent.” More

‘This Life’ – Irish Daily Mail ‘You’ Magazine [Jan 2014] You Mag


With that one word, we slipped quietly off the side of the small zodiac speedboat and into the freezing artctic waters below . . . As I slipped into the water, I was filled with nervous excitement and anticipation, which thankfully distracted me from the extreme cold I could feel even through my dry-suit and five layers of clothing. I could see the tall, black dorsal fins of the three approaching killer whales, rising momentarily, then gliding back down beneath the choppy, dark water. I put my head down and it took my eyes a few moments to adjust to the dakr green, murky water below. It was blissfully quiet and peaceful, all I could hear was my own breathing and the sound of water trickling around me.
‘For the Whales’ – Greenpeace International Article [Dec 2013]
Save Mister Splashy Pants. . . After my experience in Norway, and with the Greenpeace campaign, I read every book and watched every movie and documentary about whales that I could find. I volunteered on a whale conservation project in South Africa and it was there, surrounded by whales, that I started to write my novel Look into the Eye. Read more
‘Get to It!’ – Article for Irish writers’ website [Nov 2013]
‘Get to it!’ was the slogan for the 2009 Dublin Book Festival, and the picture that went alongside featured a boat with a sail of pages, flying seagull books and a whale’s tail fluke. It was eighteen months since I’d started writing Look into the Eye, my first novel with a whale of a sub-theme, and I was beginning to lose faith that I would ever finish writing it. So I cut out the festival advertisement and hung it beside my bedroom mirror. Every day I would look at the picture, seeing it as motivation to Get to my desk and write. Read more

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