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Look into the Eye


Published by Poolbeg Press, November 2013

What happens when the right people meet, at the wrong time?

Melanie McQuaid is firmly fixated on the future, whilst journalist Richard Blake is stuck resolutely in the past. Sparks fly when they first meet, until Richard’s past catches up with him and a dramatic turn of events changes the course of both their lives.

Disillusioned from a broken engagement, Melanie chooses to keep life simple by avoiding love altogether. Pushed to her limits, she embarks on a life-changing trip to the Norwegian fjords while Richard, furious at his latest assignment, finds himself alone at sea reporting on Greenpeace’s anti-whaling campaign. On opposite sides of the world, they each look into the eye of a whale – a magical experience which brings them back together. But can the time ever be right for Richard and Melanie?

Set in the twilight years of Celtic Tiger Ireland, Look Into the Eye takes readers on a journey through the mystical fjords of Norway and the balmy Pacific Ocean, inviting them to share in the magic of a close encounter with whales in the wild.

Half of the royalties from Look into the Eye will be donated to organisations dedicated to the protection and conservation of whales and dolphins in the wild, and to youth mental health charities in Ireland.

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Praise for Look into the Eye:

 “This is an exceptional debut novel, stirring, funny and eloquent . . .” – Irish Independent

 “An absorbing contemporary love story . . . meaningful, and heartfelt” – The Irish Examiner

  “A charming and heartfelt tale about the impact of an encounter with the ocean’s mightiest creatures on two troubled lives” – Sunday Independent


The Songbird’s Way

SONGBIRD-web (2)

Published by Poolbeg Press, November 2014

She has come to a crossroads – is it too late to go her own way?

When she is a child, Chrissie’s beloved father encourages his daughter to use her voice and to overcome her fear of singing in public. Inspired by her parents’ passions, music and travel become Chrissie’s whole life, but after seven years on the road and a family tragedy on a cycling tour of Tanzania, she loses the heart for both.

As her thirtieth birthday approaches, life for the former singer appears to be back on track as she settles in London with boyfriend, Tim. Only Chrissie’s not so sure that she’s the settling-down kind. Her secret dream is to follow in her mother’s tyre-prints, to tour Africa and see as much of the world as she can. As she struggles with her choices, Chrissie becomes intrigued by a newspaper article about the adventurous, unconventional life story of a woman three times her age.

But Chrissie is a people-pleaser. Despite her father’s early advice, she rarely has the courage to speak up and is afraid to hurt those closest to her. Events reach crisis-point, and on the day she turns thirty Chrissie panics and leaves her own party suddenly. What happens next is both astounding and revealing.

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If I Was a Child Again

Published by Poolbeg Press, November 2013


I was delighted to contribute a story to this wonderful collection of short stories – especially as it was for such a great cause (Barnardos). My story An Accident of Birth? was a reflection on my childhood as it compared with that of two young people – a special needs child I met in the Kibera Slum in Nairobi and a young man with special needs from Dublin.
If I Was a Child Again is a collection of memories and inspirational words from some of Ireland’s finest writers, journalists and TV personalities as they tell what they would do if they could be a child again for one more day. Some recall their fondest childhood memories, some are bittersweet, while others provide uplifting words of wisdom for today s children. This book will make you laugh and cry but, above all, it encapsulates the magic of childhood. 100% of the royalties from the sale the book will be donated to Barnardos educational programmes.
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